Our Team

The transition to computing on HPC resources can seem daunting, our Systems Analysts, Data Scientists and HPC experts are available to meet to provide guidance on your grant proposals and to discuss the software, algorithms, data, and computing resources needed to help you accomplish your research goals. The following is a brief description of the roles on our team:

Systems Analysts: 

Our System Analysts provide expert technical support and maintenance to HPC and Storage systems, including but not limited to:

  • Deploy and maintain HPC infrastructure
  • Maintain HPC job scheduling, system software and firmware revisions, including patches, updates, and OS upgrades
  • Provide software technical support for research workflow installations and maintenance to ensure that HPC clusters are functioning according the specification
  • Analyze system/HPC hardware, software, and third-party software issues and provide analysis and solutions to problems
  • Monitor HPC system utilization and performance metrics and fix any performance issues impacting research jobs’ execution

HPC Experts: 

Our HPC Experts manage the intake process and the partitioning of the HPC infrastructure into clusters

  • Design HPC partitions for all research projects during the intake process
  • Size the compute, network, and storage requirements for research projects
  • Deliver HPC and network plans to IT operations
  • Work with research teams on planning data lifecycle from data collection to data processing in HPC/VM environment
  • HPC experts provide infrastructure projection and demand metrics to help HPC expansion planning

Data Scientists: 

Data scientists engage with research projects at the data planning stage and throughout the research lifecycle

  • Work with researchers to determine best approach for data collection, pre-processing and storage
  • Provide expert consulting on data pipeline design and software implementation
  • Work with researchers on metadata creation and data curation for efficient data sharing at the end of the project
  • Develop AI and machine learning models to automate manual research processes such as data preprocessing and data transformation across different systems in large projects
  • Deploy, configure and optimize research workflows and simulation tools in HPC environments
  • Support research workflow in UCalgary and Compute Canada


To get in touch with our team, send an email to support@hpc.ucalgary.ca.