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Secure Computing Platform

Computational science for Level 4 data

The Secure Computing Platform is available for all University of Calgary researchers who have projects that use Level 4 data, based on the Information Security Classification Standard. This platform allows researchers to store, share, and process Level 4 data for their research projects in a secure environment.

A principal investigator (PI) at the University of Calgary can request access to the Secure Computing Platform at no cost. The first step for the PI is to request a Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) group file share. Subsequently, the PI can add their group members to this SCDS group file share and start using the different services available under the Secure Computing Platform.

Store your data

The Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) service is for researchers requiring high data security group file shares.

Share your data

ShareFile allows members of a Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) group file share to share Level 4 data with internal and external collaborators and allows internal and external collaborators to submit Level 4 data to be stored into SCDS.

Analyze your data

The Secure Computing Platform offers two options to analyze your Level 4 data, depending on the requirements of the research project.