Data Analysis Tools (DAT)

Not sure which service you should use to analyze your data (DAT or MARC)? Find out what service to use.

The Data Analysis Tools (DAT) service allows members of a Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) group file share to create, operate, and decommission virtual machines in a secure environment that allows the processing of on-site research data classified as Level 4, based on the University of Calgary's Information Security Classification Standard, in an effective and secure way that aligns with the University of Calgary policies.

The Secure Computing Data Analysis Tools (DAT) service provides the features listed below, enabling research groups or individuals to analyze and visualize Level 4 data for research projects.



  • Provides a virtual environment where researchers can analyze their data and visualize results
  • Packaged with Data Sharing service – Including Data Sharing and Collaboration (ShareFile)
  • Allows users to spin up virtual machines for research projects as required
  • Provides compliance with ethics and privacy regulations for Level 4 data
  • Standard Specifications
    • 100 GB OS Disk
    • Windows Server 2019
  • Options
    • Option I   – 2 vCPU - 8 GB vRAM
    • Option II  – 2 vCPU - 16 GB vRAM
    • Option III – 4 vCPU - 16 GB vRAM
  • There is no cost associated with the use of this service

Once you have access to a Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) group file share and have collected Level 4 data, you can request a DAT virtual machine. If you have access to more than one SCDS group file share, you will be able to create a virtual machine for each of the group file shares you have access to. A virtual machine takes less than ten (10) minutes to be provisioned.

If you have not yet requested your SCDS group file share be created or if you have not yet requested access to an existing SCDS group file share, find out how to do so on the Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) page.

Once you have access to a Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) group file share, you can visit this section to review our user guides and training videos.