Data Sharing and Collaboration (ShareFile)

Data Sharing and Collaboration (ShareFile) is the service that allows members of a Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) group file share to share Level 4 data with internal and external collaborators. This service also allows internal and external collaborators to submit Level 4 data to be stored into SCDS, so that it aligns with the University of Calgary storage security policies.

    The Secure Computing Data Sharing and Collaboration Service provides the features listed below, enabling research groups or individuals to perform sharing and collaboration for their research data that is classified as Level 4, based on the University of Calgary's Information Security Classification Standard.



    • Enables researchers to safely share data for easy collaboration
    • Allows researchers to share data with other groups inside and outside the university
    • Researchers can decide the level of access granted to the data being shared
    • Allows researchers to obtain data from third parties
    • Provides online file sharing
    • ShareFile is automatically provisioned once you have an SCDS group file share
    • Allows researchers to transfer files of up to 100GB
    • There is no cost associated with the use of this service

    Once the SCDS group file share has been created and your access has been granted, you can start using ShareFile. If you have access to more than one SCDS group file share, you will see all of them through ShareFile.

    If you have not yet requested your SCDS group file share be created or if you have not yet requested access to an existing SCDS group file share, find out how to do so on the Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS) page.

    Once the SCDS group file share has been created and your access has been granted, you can start using ShareFile.

    Once you have access to an SCDS group file share, you can visit this section to review our user guides and training videos.