Analyze your data

The Secure Computing Platform offers two options to analyze Level 4 data, depending on the requirements of the research project.

Choosing the right service to analyze your data

Researchers that need to rapidly process small datasets using standard applications (e.g. SAS/SPSS/R/Matlab) can request and gain access to a virtual machine instance in less than 10 minutes using the DAT (Data Analysis Tools) service.

A project that needs to perform a data-intensive analysis on a large dataset should use MARC (Medical Advanced Research Computing).

The information below highlights the specifications of the two services available to analyze your Level 4 data and can be used to define which service is the most appropriate for your project.

Data Analysis Tools (DAT)

  • Platform: Windows virtual machines
  • Graphical user interface: Yes
  • Software workflow: Persistent
  • Inbound/outbound internet connections: Yes
  • CPUs: Up to 4 vCPUs
  • RAM: Up to 16 GB
  • GPU nodes: No
  • Storage: Data written/stored back in SCDS

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Medical Advanced Research Computing (MARC)

  • Platform: Linux HPC clusters
  • Graphical user interface: No
  • Software workflow: Batch oriented
  • Inbound/outbound internet connections: No
  • CPUs: Up to 80 CPUs
  • RAM: Up to 3 TB
  • GPU nodes: 2 Nvidia v100 GPU Nodes
  • Storage: Flexible upon request (as per project requirements)

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