Secure Computing Data Storage (SCDS)

The Secure Computing Data Storage service is for researchers requiring high data security group file shares. This service is intended for research projects that have Level 4 data, based on the University of Calgary's Information Security Classification Standard.

    SCDS includes the features listed below and enables research groups or individuals to safely store research data.



    • Provides a restricted group file share for researchers and teams
    • Used to store Level 4 data (e.g. personal health information)
    • Provides the ability to increase initial storage allocation as required by a project
    • Only directly accessible by the user while on the Restricted Managed Client Zone or through Data Analysis Tools (DAT) virtual machines
    • Records nightly snapshots of data at midnight
    • Enables disaster recovery by storing a second copy as back up of data stored at an off-site unit
    • Provides audit and security controls to ensure only the right stakeholders have access to the data
    • Conducts periodic file restores to ensure we can restore from backup copies
    • Sizes available for provisioning are 10GB, 1TB, and greater than 1TB
    • Quota increases are available
    • Snapshots of the data are taken every night at midnight and there is an off-site copy of the data at another location. Snapshots are retained for 30 days
    • Access to an SCDS group file share is only allowed on devices in the Managed Client Zone – Restricted (MCZ-R) Network
    • While the group file share is rated to hold Level 4 data, it can hold any level of data. All data stored in the group file share will be treated as if it were Level 4
    • There is no cost associated with the use of this service

    Members of a research study can use the Group File Share catalog item in ServiceNow to request the creation of a new SCDS group file share. If you have multiple projects, then you can have multiple SCDS group file shares. Each SCDS group file share should be limited to one project. Allow three weeks for the creation of a new group file share.

    When completing the form, select the following options:

    1. “What would you like to do?” – Add new group file share
    2. “What will this group file share be used for?” – Research
    3. “What is the highest classification of data that will be stored on this Group File Share?” – Level 4: Restricted Data
    4. Fill out the rest of the form

    If you are a researcher and need to be added to an existing SCDS group file share belonging to a research study, you can use the Group File Share catalog item in ServiceNow to submit your request to obtain access. If you have multiple projects then you can have access to multiple SCDS group file shares. Allow one week for the access to be granted.

    When completing the form, select the following options:

    1. “What would you like to do?” – Add access to group file share
    2. “What group share are you requesting?” – Select the group share you would like to be added to
    3. Fill out the rest of the form

    Once the SCDS group file share has been created and your access has been granted, you will receive instructions on how to map to it on your computer. If you have access to more than one SCDS group file share, you will see all of them under that one mapping.

    Your SCDS group file shares will be mapped under \\\projects. This only needs to be mapped once per device.

    Find out how to request a group file share and how to manage it, including how to:

    • make membership changes
    • request quota increase
    • change owner
    • change approval delegates
    • and remove a group file share