Our Services

We help UCalgary faculty, students, or staff to select the right resources for their research, build specialized research software from source, and consult in parallelizing large computations to make the most out of our HPC systems. We also provide training, education, and consultation on the IT components of grant proposals.

HPC Clusters are the infrastructure engine behind Computational Science. Some research projects require a build of a customized HPC cluster with many tiers of storage and unique data transfer requirements. Our HPC team is specialized in Cluster Management and can meet with you to discuss your requirements and how our services can meet your needs. Our cluster management services include the management of the operating system, and physical hardware, including patching and troubleshooting.

For HPC questions, email us at support@hpc.ucalgary.ca.

DRI is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform that uses Apache CloudStack to allow users to quickly spin up Linux or other Non-Windows based virtual machines (VMs). RCS provides this service to help Ucalgary researchers quickly set up and prototype research related software on premises at no cost. Services set up on DRI virtual machines can be accessed from the campus network and also the internet if required.

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RCS provides various systems to support computing based on the Information Security Classification of your data.  Our Secure Computing Platform meets the UCalgary Level 4 data requirements. Our Advanced Research Computing cluster (ARC) is rated for data that meets the UCalgary Level 1 and 2 requirements, based on the Information Security Classification Standard.

Sometimes, HPC jobs need to be optimized to properly run with the resources allocated, or you may simply need guidance on the tools you are using. RCS provides support on HPC, Secure Computing and research computing in general.

For HPC questions and general inquiries, email us at support@hpc.ucalgary.ca

Commercial High-Performance Computing Hub (cHPC Hub) is a service provided by UCalgary’s Research Computing Services tailored to small to medium companies in western Canada with computational complex requirements to accelerate their High-Performance Computing (HPC) presence and enable their research and development. cHPC Hub can also help start-up companies to develop HPC expertise and commercialize their products.

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Our experts have been providing guidance on numerous grant applications for over twenty years. Our consultancy includes facilitation and direction in the budgeting of storage, network, support and maintenance of computational resources to be used throughout the research lifecycle, along with the option of providing this service and resources as contributions in kind.

If you are considering in submitting a grant application, or if you are in the middle of the process, this is the right time to contact our experts at support@hpc.ucalgary.ca

For more information on the grant application process at UCalgary, please refer to the Research Services Office contact page to obtain their most current contact information.