GLaDOS is a computing cluster procured through a collaboration of researchers in Biological Sciences, Chemistry and Geoscience and maintained by the Research Computing Services (RCS) group.

GLaDOS provides access to 616 CPU cores and 96 GPUs. The ARC cluster has more than 1 petabyte of storage available. GLaDOS storage is not backed up, so, users are responsible for transferring data they want to keep to their own systems for safe keeping.

Please refer to our GLaDOS Cluster Guide for detailed specifications.

If you have a project associated with one of the faculty members listed below and would like to use GlaDOS, please write to, copying the relevant faculty member on your request.

To assist you getting started, it would be helpful if you mention what software you plan to use. Also note that University of Calgary Information Technologies computing account credentials are used for GlaDOS.

If you don't have a University of Calgary email address, please register for one at and include your email address in your request for a GlaDOS account.

Faculty members involved are:

  • Department of Biological Sciences:
    • Sergei Noskov
    • Peter Tieleman
  • Department of Chemistry:
    • Justin MacCallum
  • Department of Geoscience:
    • Jan Dettmer
    • David Eaton
    • Hersh Gilbert
    • Kris Innanen
    • Daniel Trad