Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

The Advanced Research Computing (ARC) cluster is a general purpose cluster for UCalgary researchers that features 16,832 cores, 20 GPUs, integrated to 6 petabytes of storage capacity. ARC is used to process research data classified as Level 1 or  Level 2, based on the University of Calgary's Information Security Classification Standard.

ARC provides access to 16,832 CPU cores and 20 GPUs. The ARC cluster has 6 petabyte of shared disk storage available across the entire cluster as well as temporary storage local to each of the compute nodes.

Please refer to our ARC Cluster Guide for detailed specifications.

Our system supports a wide range of software designed to make use of a cluster computing environment.  Examples of software that has been successfully used on ARC in the past can be found on our ARC Software Pages.  If you do not see what you need, please send an email to for availability or other options.


ARC is available to all Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students engaged in research as well as any other UCalgary IT account holders that have been sponsored for an account.

To request access to ARC, contact us at