Social Media Safety

Below are good reminders of proper social media behaviour. Enjoy all your favourite apps have to offer, and know that your SM presence is secure as possible.

  1. What goes on the internet, stays on the internet – even if you have taken down a post. You may never know who shared it, took a screen shot and so on. Potential employers, professors, your coaches and many others can access your social media. What’s on there can definitely influence what happens next in your life.
  2. Ensure you are USING the privacy settings on all your apps, and have your security settings in place so only those you want to see your info, can.
  3. Think before you post! Don’t post unless you would share the exact same info with your mom and grandma. As much as possible, focus on the good, exciting and interesting experiences in your life and leave the negative rants for your face-to-face time with your closest friends.
  4. Always ask before you post a picture of someone else. Respect others right to privacy. And, remember even on apps like Snapchat, the photos may disappear, but a screenshot lasts forever.
  5. Disable any geo-locators on your apps. Some can provide your location, even when you are not active on the app, thereby potentially sharing your home or work location.
  6. Ask a trusted family member to have your back online; someone like an older cousin, uncle, sister or other adult you value. They can let you know about any inappropriate posts, either about you or what you posted, through a private message. This is not about policing your site; their help can keep you out of stormy waters.

Further resources for Social Media Safety