Always report cybercrime and threats!

At UCalgary (including all UCalgary devices here and at home)

if you receive suspicious email include the email as an attachment in a new email to and then delete the email, or  please use the junk email tool on your email navigation bar.

Call IT Support: 403.220.5555 to tell them what happened.

If it is after hours, send an email to

The IT Support Centre will get back to you as soon as possible, and give you the next steps.

Request multi-factor authentication from the IT Support Centre.

Show where Junk Mail is
Working at home

At Home

Call the Calgary Police Service non-emergency number, 403-266-1234, to file a complaint and get a case number.

Contact all your bank and credit card companies if any financial information was used. Make sure you also give the bank and credit card companies your Calgary Police Services case number for your file.

Call Equifax, 1.800.465.7166, or TransUnion Canada,, and have fraud alerts and your Calgary Police Services case number put on your credit reports.

Further follow-up at UCalgary and at Home

Change your account recovery information as soon as you get your account back. This is critical for ALL accounts compromised, and includes everything from PINs and personal information to alternate email addresses and the answers to your secret questions.

This is to help ensure that the criminal who accessed your account cannot immediately hack it again. Cybercriminals are clever and you need to use every opportunity to protect yourself. With the information they took from you, they could access your accounts again if you do not update, change and remove all previous account recovery information.

As a final step, you can also report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or 1-888-495-8501.

Please note: Online sexual exploitation of children must be immediately reported the Calgary Police Service. You may also report crimes of this nature anonymously to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.